Goto E-5 or Eros Planetarium
Goto has been producing this machine in one form or another with only slight variations to its design for over 35 years now.  There are about 300 units that have been made according to the Goto records.  Some of these machines were sold under the name Viewlex Apollo III and also Observa-Dome Planetariums.  They are a well built projector meant for a 16 ft domes. The E-5's use a 10 inch star ball, although there were a few units sold by Viewlex that had a  17 inch star ball that could be used in a  24 ft dome.  One feature that some people love and others hate is the projection of the planets  as they appear telescopically, in other words Saturn has a ring and Jupiter has cloud bands.   Another curious note is that it looks strikingly similar to the Nova III planetarium produced By Harmonic Reed, it also hit the market one year after the Nova projector.  This is one of my favorite machines because of its maintenance free operation.

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